About Me

My name is Agron. I was born and raised in Brussels, Belgium.

Currently, I live in Germany. I speak 4 languages – German, french, english and albanian. Since 2017, I focus on learning programming languages and building modern apps. I like to reverse engineer popular platforms.

I'm passionate about many creative pursuits, including drawings, music, videography, building FPV racing drones, and of course, coding. I spend the most of my time developing websites and reading documentations about the newest technologies around software.

I love the fact that anyone can build anything without asking for permission. I find the open source community very interesting. It is diverse and highly motivated. Whether it's development or advocacy, open source software and other collaborative projects benefit through, and because of, the community.

"It's not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, it's the one most adaptable to change."
- Charles Darwin

When I'm not in the creative process, I enjoy listening to audio books and podcasts. To switch off, I find video games very effective.